Emily has worked for many years as a professional session singer. In many of those sessions, she has also co-written with the artist. Here is a list of some of her singing work:


"The Low Hum" (Moby, Destroyed 2010)

“Connection” (Diversion, Connection, 2018)

"Perfect Mistake" (Will Pharaoh, 2014) As heard on Bravo’s “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce”

"Overboard" (Freak Owls/Will Pharaoh, 2014)

"I Can't Wake Up" (Sizzlax, 2014)

"What You Do to Me"/"Caprica"/"Same Time Last Place" (Sizzlax, The Wrong Side Down ep, 2013)

"Looking Glass Dream"/"Fight Little One"/"Perfect Night"/"Equinox" (Acacia Downs ep, Acacia Downs, 2012)

"New Route"/"How and Why"/"Reason to Leave" (Sizzlax, The Wonder Years ep, 2010)

Session Only:

"Back in Fashion"/"Bring on the Rapture" (Joel Confino, 2013)

"Fly With You"/"Quit Wasting My Time"/"Here is My Life" (Mary Segato, Heartstrings, 2012)

"A Few More Days"/"Hold On" (Marwood, 2008)

"Jesus on the Mainline" (Brian Grosz, 2009)

"Sacrifice" (Alex Walker, 2009)

"Choice & Dilemma" (Amiel, Figures Seeking Ground 2008)