There's a fog upon L.A. ... / by Emily Holmes

I looked up from my laptop out my front window as KUSC lingered in the background on this rainy morning. Nearly the entire scene was white grey. Misty. Low visibility. This kind of morning is my bliss. A slow quality permeates. Cage, my cat, is asleep on the couch. The low patter of rain falling on the stairs outside from the roof lulls you into wanting to curl up and fall off to sleep.

It's a day for writing, listening and slowing down (both in thought and in motion--be careful on those roads, people!). I had a marvelous slowing down day yesterday as recovery for a particularly difficult weekend with my "three-nager." A little emotional bandaging and salve in the way of a visit to my favorite coffeehouse to write followed by a hatha yoga class at Namaste Highland Park. Both helped return balance to my brain and relaxation to my body.

Sounds like a charmed life, I know. I don't deny it. Work has been slower the last few weeks as my fit client is out of town at trade shows and my writing partner Tim is doing a run of shows with Tedeschi Trucks Band again. That means, no running to fittings in Vernon and no recording sessions in Burbank for me. 

Given that I don't have much on my plate today, I thought about a visit to the Brand Library in Glendale. This place is amazing. It's a Moor-inspired white building on a hilltop that houses an arts/design/music/architecture library. Once inside and surrounded by amazing books, one can find a lovely barker lounge chair by a fireplace to read for who knows how long. I need to return a book that Riley wanted me to check out then immediately didn't want to read, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to enjoy the silence there myself in the process.

There's also another cause I'm hoping to support today. The Pump Station (a resource for all moms out there) is collecting baby carriers for Syrian refugees. If you have a baby carrier you want to donate (or want to buy one new to donate--with an added discount from Pump Station), you can drop it at any of its locations. I have a couple to move out of my garage and hope they have a second life in someone's time of need.

Here's to a little drought relief on a Tuesday. Even as I write now, the storm seems to be breaking up and blue sky is punctuating the foggy rain clouds. Perhaps we'll be lucky again later for some more, but I'm grateful for what we had last night and today.