EZ Mach 2 for 2015 / by Emily Holmes

So, I decided for February 2015 that I would give myself the gift of a new website. Here it is. I've spent about a week of any precious downtime planning, testing, writing, digging to find images (did I mention my main hard drive with all this data died late last year?) and assembling the new digital home of all things me. I like the results, but it did come with some harried days of "under the hood" in a template based environment. While the result is pretty, the journey to get there is often filled with road blocks and frustration. I had to say that up front because I want to congratulate myself for making the time, re-educating myself on web management and committing to the end goal. It's hard enough to carve out time for yourself, your health and your art when you have a child. To do "fun" stuff like database management or web site rebuild is a special kind of patience and torture simultaneously.

Besides the web site, I've been lucky to have a string of visitors at my home for 3 weeks. Good friend "Auntie" Jeanne and old friend Carrie F. came for a short visit that was filled with laughter, dancing, yoga on the grounds of the Self-Realization Fellowship in Mount Washington and a fun, raw food excursion to The Springs LA. After their visit, I had old pal and tour mate Meredith D. from Oh Cassius! here in town. We were able to have some nice mellow hangs in my back yard/garden. The entire month flew by with those guests alone.

On the child front, we now have a small human being in our home. Compared to the baby years, R has grown in size, vocabulary, physical agility, social poise and humor. She loves playing with words, making up a new language, painting pictures of her teachers or the laundry room, and dancing to our new turntable (to one of 3 records--"Here Comes the Sun" (Beatles), "Jam On It" (Newcleus) and "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order)). 

I love this girl so much. She is a fiercely independent toddler and yet so affectionate and fun. We have the best of times, and we fight like dogs over stupid shit. I can only imagine what the teen years will be like, but for now, my girl is just that MY ONE AND ONLY. We've been through some tough times earlier and yet, now, for some reason, it seems so much better. Even with the meltdowns. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Musically, I'm writing and crafting plans for a new EP with Tim Lefebvre that picks up electronically where we left off with "Domestic Blitz." I'm thrilled to be working on new songs with him, and I think it will be an interesting direction thematically. So much life has happened since the writing of our first record together. So as that comes together, I will be updating you all. Until then, it's back to the writing, the acting (I've been auditioning and shot a spec commercial in Long Beach on Super Bowl Sunday), the MOM-ing and the planning for spring weeds to take over my garden.